Castrol EDGE Titanium 5W-30 LL is a fully synthetic car engine oil designed for drivers looking to get maximum engine performance. It’s a dynamic engine oil, stiffening under pressure to reduce friction which can be harmful to your engine and loosening into a free-flowing state when pressure subsides. This feature of Castrol EDGE oils with Fluid Titanium can reduce friction by up to 20%, ensuring engine performance and long-term health are both prioritised.

It also sets new industry standards in preserving engine cleanliness and subsequently reducing harmful emissions and environmental damage. The Fluid Titanium technology, altering the viscosity of the oil dependant on engine pressure, reduces the risk of blockages, also prolonging the lifespan of your diesel particulate filter. Castrol EDGE Titanium 5W-30 LL can be used in place of the discontinued Castrol Formula SLX LongLife II and is a more affordable alternative to Castrol EDGE Professional 5W-30 products.

Castrol EDGE Titanium 5W-30 LL Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

    • Protects your engine by stiffening under high engine pressure
    • Maximises engine performance by reducing friction
    • Tested by independent high-standards bodies for proven performance
    • Fights valve deposits with unique FSI valve protection
    • Prolongs DPF lifespan by reducing engine blockage risks
    • Trusted by leading manufacturers including VW, Audi, and Mercedes Benz